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expertlead enables the world’s best tech freelancers to become even better. Our mission is to make freelancing the dream job for our thriving community.


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expertlead is more than a place to find the next job. Everything we do is done by the community for the community.

Whether you want to share your knowledge, become an interviewer, engage in events or simply learn from others – expertlead is the place where tech freelancers have the freedom to grow and build more than just a career.

All tech experts are welcome

Benefits of joining the
expertlead community

Challenging projects – Many of them remote

Enjoy the freedom to choose amongst currently trending topics with modern and popular tech stacks – often completely remotely.

Webinars & Online Meetups

We foster the exchange of knowledge within our community – that’s why we regularly organize online Meetups and Webinars.

Your personal contact at expertlead

When you join our community, expertlead provides you with a personal contact person to support you in the best possible way with your professional development and career opportunities.

Free insurance and on-time payments

We understand that being a freelancer can, at times, be a struggle. That’s why we make sure that invoices are always paid on time and you are covered by an insurance on our projects.

Ecosystem of services

We make sure that you get access to constantly updated, tailored services for a special price. From a bank account to a desk in a cool co-working space.

Become a technical interviewer

As part of the community you can also become a technical interviewer in addition to your project work. Simply learn a new skill and make some money between projects.

How to get started

At expertlead we focus on assessing your individual skills in a fair and transparent way. The vetting process is designed in collaboration with our community to give you maximum opportunities to present your unique talent and competences.

01. Intro call & review of your work

During the initial screening we review your portfolio e.g. your GitHub to understand what type of projects are your sweet spot. We will follow up with a call to get to know you and learn more about your experience and aspirations.

Step 1

03. Peer-To-Peer Interview

In this stage you will meet a more senior community member who will follow up with a tailored interview to thoroughly understand your strengths and skills.

Step 3

02. Take-home assignment

Together with our tech community we’ve developed a take-home assignment e.g. coding test for developers, as an entry point to the assessment process. It will validate your skills and proficiency.

Step 2

04. Welcome to the community

Once you successfully pass the Peer-To-Peer Interview you’ll join our community and fill in your personal profile. To ensure your career is always progressing we will provide fair and transparent feedback.

Step 4

What the community says


Senior ML/AI/NLP Engineer

“I had the pleasure of working with expertlead for a few years now: they have been at the same time the most professional, and pleasant to work with, platform I dealt with in many years of freelancing. They manage to be at the same time both caring and attentive to details. The projects I received through them were interesting and well managed, and when we cooperated, they always went the extra mile to make sure everything was satisfying and correct. Highly recommended, they set the bar for me.”

Objective C
Microsoft Azure


Senior Frontend Developer

"Interviewing candidates for expertlead is mainly a pleasant experience. You meet people, you find skillsets and you discover new things altogether. It's truly a unique experience to see how people's minds solve the problem in various ways. It makes your mind think wider and out of the box. "

Objective C
Microsoft Azure



“Being part of the expertlead community is a big benefit for every freelancer. With webinars like „How to build your Personal Brand as a Freelancer“ all community members get the chance to improve their skills or learn from the experts of expertlead even after the recruiting process. Being invited as a Co-Host for this webinar was a great experience and I was happy to share my experiences on the topic with other freelancers.”

Objective C
Microsoft Azure


Senior Full-Stack Developer

“As a team coach, I work with skilled people every day. Working for expertview allows me to hone my social and technical skills during each interview. Being part of the interview process from start to finish and shaping its development has been a fantastic journey. I enjoy the mix of social interaction and technical challenges that every interview brings with it.”

Objective C
Microsoft Azure


Senior Full-Stack Developer

“Expertlead has proven that their expertise and skills in matching professionals with high-end clients are something that they do the best. My first collaboration with them is very positive and full of great impressions. Keep up the good work!!!”

Objective C
Microsoft Azure


Software Developer & Architect

“After many years of freelancing I finally found a company in expertlead which treats you as a partner and cares about every expert individually. Not only they try to find a matching project for you but also welcome you to an expanding community of versatile experts. You get involved in this community and prosper not exclusively as a technical expert. That's how I collaborated in changing the interviewing process and also boosted my social skills”

Objective C
Microsoft Azure


Web Developer

“The team at expertlead really strives to make sure you have the best experience throughout the project. Everyone is super reachable and friendly, always eager to help you and make the project happen.”

Objective C
Microsoft Azure

Events and insights to advance your tech career

Engage with your community by attending one of our events. Establish yourself as a thought leader by presenting your latest research or sharing your best practices. Network with like minded and like skilled tech enthusiasts.

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