Preparation hints for interviewers

The following shall apply to all interviews, for both expertlead & expertview interviews

  • Please ensure there is no continuous background noise during the interviews, avoid interviewing from crowded places.
  • Using a headset with a microphone is recommended to cut out any background noise.
  • Ensure you have read through the candidates CV at least once. You will find a URL to the CV in the interview invitation.
  • In case you receive a project description along with the session's calendar invitation, make sure to read through it prior to the interview
  • You should have solved and understood the Live Coding tasks in advance.
  • Ensure you have logged in with the Google account you shared with expertlead to have access to the CV and the scorecard.
  • We recommend using a 2nd screen for the scorecard while conducting the interview.
  • Ensure you show up on time with video + audio up and running.
  • Be friendly at all times during the interview and try to make the candidate feel safe and treated fairly.

Please remember that we are neither in a position, nor do we intend to, assess whether a candidate is generally “good” or “bad” at what they do - but rather assess if the candidate is sufficiently proficient at his or her specialization to increase the community’s tech skill and experience level.

At expertlead we are committed to providing an egalitarian and inclusive environment to all the people we work with - be they employees, freelancers in our community, or interviewees. Therefore, we ask that you assess each interviewer independent of gender, religion, skin color, sexual orientation or any other comparable metric.

Applicable for expertlead interviews:

An expertlead interview is an interview with a Freelancer, a candidate who wants to join expertlead’s Tech Freelancer Community, therefore, the candidate’s overall fit for our community will be assessed during the interview.

  • All sessions should be recorded, unless the candidate explicitly does not agree to the recording of the session
  • The candidate applied to join expertlead’s tech community, the candidate is usually already registered as a Freelancer

Applicable for expertview interviews:

An expertview interview is an interview with a candidate who applied for a job at one of expertlead’s clients. expertview candidates are usually considered for a permanent, full-time position and each interview comes with a specific job description.

If you are conducting an expertview interview, please be aware that

  • The candidate applied for a job at one of expertlead’s clients, mostly for a permanent position
  • Every interview should come with a job description, which gives you important background information about the requirements of the position as well as expected skills the candidate should bring along
  • Not every interview is supposed to be recorded. If an interview will be recorded or not will be noted in the invitation
  • With expertView, we do only take over the technical assessment for our clients and therefore will never answer any questions related to the company or position the candidate is applying for
  • We as expertlead will not get in touch with the candidate after the interview has been conducted and thus, do not share any feedback with the candidate regarding his/her performance during the interview
  • You as one of our peer2peer interviewer are representing expertlead. When introducing yourself, you may of course let the candidate know that you are working as a freelancer