Candidates Preparation Hints

These hints are intended to help you to prepare for your Live Coding Session with expertlead

  • What you are supposed to show during the Live Coding Session is your problem solving skills as well as your ability to write code fluently, Clean Code approach, Unit testing and appropriate test coverage. Thinking aloud and discussing your solution with the interviewer is highly encouraged.
  • Depending on the given task in your session, the included pair programming task might require solving an algorithmic problem and optimizing your solution's performance.
  • Adhere to the given 45 minutes time frame for the pair coding part as closely as possible.
  • You are encouraged to google during the Live Coding Session, if you need assistance as if you were coding in real life. However, this is not applicable to the Q&A part of the session.
  • Please join the interview on time, or let your expertlead Freelance Manager and/orinter viewer know of any technical issues immediately. Not showing up or being late for more than 10 minutes may lead to rescheduling of the session after all.
  • We highly recommend to use your own IDE for the pair coding task and share your screen with the interviewer. Also, you can prepare your Unit test framework for your IDE. If for some reason you prefer not to share your screen and use our code pair environment on the web, please let the interviewer know, he/she has access to a codepair for such a case.
  • Using a headset with a microphone is recommended to cut any potential background noise.
  • It is important that your video camera is on and you have a solid internet connection.
  • Please test the quality of your internet connection and the Zoom app operability via